Event Themes

Introducing MWC Americas Event Themes

From Barcelona to Shanghai, we have developed various event themes that reflect the most relevant content to your industries, interests and future visions. We touch on the latest trends in mobile today. For MWC Americas, there are six event themes to assist you in sorting through the agenda as well as building your Americas journey.

Consumer IoT: Interested in how people are utilizing their digital universe? This theme explores the ever-changing consumer and the unique experiences tailored to them.

Content & Media: Content is king. This theme takes a deep dive into the aspects of mobile content and the variations of engagement in media and entertainment.

Everything Policy: The wireless industry is transforming the way we live, work and play. Join this 2-day track to learn more about the latest policy developments on spectrum auctions, infrastructure, IoT, drones and more.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: This theme will talk about different telecoms and digital services, the scale and complexity of the impact across all industries and society, and how digital service providers play a central role in this increasingly diverse ecosystem.

Networks: Making connectivity as ubiquitous, simple and essential as breathing air is the goal but that of course involves many complexities. As an industry, we are starting to reach our goal but there are also many obstacles that remain.

Sustainable Development: Join to learn more about the opportunities that mobile industry has to build sustainable businesses in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Customize your Americas schedule by finding conference tracks that fall into each of these six categories here.