The Tech Element

4YFN Startup Event

Mobile is at the heart of innovation. Innovation is at the heart of mobile.

Now in our super-connected world, everything being created is mobile or has a mobile component. Mobile-enabled cities. Mobile-assisted agriculture. Mobile-driven homes. Mobile-intelligent vehicles. It’s becoming difficult to think of innovations that mobile doesn’t somehow impact.

And so, we started to deliberate on a theme for Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 and realized that the groundwork has already been built. Mobile World Congress 2017 focused on The Next Element and MWC Shanghai 2017 is developing that concept this summer with The Human Element.

So we thought, how do you expand upon these?

And then a light bulb went off, mobile is a phenomenon at the heart of everything we do. It’s the force behind every emerging innovation.  It is an essential part of how we interact, communicate, work, and play. Experiences that were once limited by time and place are now instant and effortless.

Innovative technology is transforming the connected world, driving change and creating endless possibilities.

Mobile is revolutionaryDynamic. It’s The Tech Element

Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 will showcase how mobile is creating the connected life, transforming how individuals, businesses and entire industries communicate, interact, and innovate. You don’t want to miss it.

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