Aha Moments in App Marketing

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Aha Moments in App Marketing
Date & Time

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

When talented people immerse themselves in app marketing for years, they inevitably experience aha moments. "These are the moments where an industry stat, campaign insight, or case study finding jumps out to show a better way to market mobile apps. If you can acquire aha moments from those who have experienced them, you can learn how to unlock efficiency, scale, and rapid growth for your app marketing initiatives.
Want to know the best part?
The Mobile Growth House, a group of companies that are leading the charge in the mobile app ecosystem, wants to arm you with an arsenal of aha moments in app marketing. We're hosting a 1/2 day event at Mobile World Congress packed with insights from our team and from our leading partners in app marketing. You'll get our very best strategies and tips for acquiring and retaining app users. And, you'll get new ideas for how to grow your business with app marketing.
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