San Francisco 12-14 Sept 2017

San Francisco 12-14 Sept 2017

Consumer Data: Privacy and Opportunity


Date & Time

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

4:15 pm - 5:00 pm


Moscone South, Esplanade level, Auditorium 4


With the explosion of digital technologies, companies are gathering vast amounts of data about consumers’ activities. Devices, apps and services are broadening users’ digital footprints on a massive scale. At the same time, new regulations around the world aimed at protecting consumers mean we need a new approach to developing data-driven products and services in a way which builds trust and drives value. Although consumers may be aware that information is being collected, they may not realize the extent nor the specific types of data being collected about them. This lack of end user visibility and control threatens the trust that enables most services to function. By contrast, if the industry innovates in a way that delivers better transparency, control and choice over the way that data is shared, it can create exciting new opportunities to build greater brand loyalty, customer engagement and commercial opportunities. This session will explore data privacy management approaches and solutions that are emerging in this area. Focusing on how Operators have the opportunity to enhance their relationship with users, the panel will explore new approaches to developing data-driven products and services to drive value and monetization.