San Francisco 12-14 Sept 2017

San Francisco 12-14 Sept 2017

The API Economy


Date & Time

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

4:15 pm - 5:00 pm


Moscone South, Esplanade level, Auditorium 2


APIs are the components that enable diverse platforms, apps, and systems to connect and share data with each other and have been referred to as the connectors of the 21st century. Customer needs are driving the most efficient API development programs across a range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, transportation, financial services and media. Companies, big and small, are using APIs to level the playing field and start-ups and established companies alike are using APIs to cut the cost of innovation and entry to new markets. This session will discuss a range of real-world experiences, from marketing and business models to community building and business transformation through APIs.